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Charitable giving boosts happiness and reduces stress.

"Giving makes you happy," says Lara Aknin, an assistant professor of psychology at Simon Fraser University. Aknin has studied the link between philanthropy and well-being included measuring cortisol in the bloodstream. That study found that when people gave more, the stress hormone dissipated more quickly in their blood.

"When people are spending money in a way that they're giving to others by way of charity, we see similar emotional boosts. It's more rewarding than spending money on yourself," Aknin says.

Elizabeth Dunn, a social psychologist with the University of British Columbia in another study says that “The effects of altruistic spending are probably akin to those of exercise...which can have immediate and long-term effects. Giving once might make a person happy for a day, but if it becomes a way of living, then it could make a lasting difference."

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