Uses of fossil fuels


Fossil fuels are formed by natural processes e.g. anaerobic decomposition of dead organisms which have carbon and hydrogen atoms. In most cases, fossil fuels are used to provide energy e.g. petroleum, natural gas, coal, propane, methane, kerosene etc. Hence, these fuels play a key role in the economy of the world since many people, industries and companies are dependent on them. Have you ever wondered what are fossil fuel used for? Well, here are the different uses of fossil fuels:
• They fuel cars, airplanes among many other automobiles. Also, they are used to power electricity plants as well as heat our homes during cold seasons• Fossil fuels are used in making medicines, plastics, synthetic fabrics, cosmetics and lubricants• Oil and gas are extracts of fossil fuels. The two are used in manufacture of different products e.g. sunglasses, TV sets, toothpaste, shoes, tennis balls etc.

In fact, most of the products we use every day are either derived from fossil fuels or use fossil fuels to be manufactured. However, the use of fossil fuels is regulated around the world since it has serious environmental pollution and effects. Therefore, there are laws enacted to control how these fuels and their products are used all over the world.